10 Aug
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Up, Up and Away

I’ve been working on a Bucket List and have become fixated on hot air balloons. I know for certain this is something I want to cross out sooner than soon. Hot Air Balloons are beautiful and look even better when flying in groups. They are just so fascinating from the moment you inflate them to the moment you land somewhere unkown. It just looks so peaceful to view mother earth from way up high and not have to worry about who gets window.  Lucky for me after doing some research, Austin actually has some places that do this, and over the lake too. I think a proposal would be so romantic and I fell in love with these wedding ideas for any of you looking for something unique. Looking at these pictures I wish I could just zap myself onto one of those balloons right now and close my eyes while listening to Imogen Heap. Oh Joy!


So, what do you think?